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Overview of the Energy Transition Featured Image

Overview of the Energy Transition

In this course, we focus on several key aspects of the energy transition, starting with the scientific basis of global warming and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our climates. We also summarize the UN Paris Agreement and the aspirational target of limiting global warming to a maximum of 2°C by 2050. We review the historical energy supply, demand, and greenhouse gas emissions to date, and the options available to reduce CO2 emissions. We then turn to the drivers and projections of a lower-carbon energy future through the rapid expansion of affordable renewable energy resources, hydrogen production, the reduction of methane emissions, and carbon capture and storage opportunities. Lastly, we discuss three critical requirements to achieve the net zero goals.

Get to Know: Women in Energy with Veronica Henrichsen Featured Image

Get to Know: Women in Energy with Veronica Henrichsen

In this installment of Get To Know: Women In Energy, we are joined by Veronica Henrichsen, Assistant Driller at Odfjell Technology. In this episode, Veronica shares her insights working as an assistant driller, and reflects on how her childhood in Norway contributed to her love of the offshore lifestyle.