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2018 PRMS - A review of Changes and Differences of: Commercial vs. Economic and EUR vs. TRR

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Course Credit: 0.1 CEU, 1 PDH

Commercial vs. Economic

With the 2018 update to PRMS, the evolution of this important document continues with clarifications of existing terms and concepts as well as introductions of new terms. One constant has been the requirement of “commerciality” as an element of reserves. To ensure PRMS users distinguish “commercial” from “economic”, this online training course explains both terms. Also, related terms, like “economic limit”, are explained along with some FAQs on economic topics.

Estimated Ultimate Recovery vs. Technically Recoverable Resources

A new term, Total Resource Recovery (TRR), is introduced in 2018 PRMS to complement another previously used resource potential related term, Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR). The [presentation/talk/slide show] defines both terms and a new related term, Technical Forecast, to explain their meaning, use and the differences between these terms.

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  • 1Commercial vs Economic
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  • 2Estimated Ultimate Recovery vs Technically Recoverable Resources
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