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21st Century Ocean Energy Safety Research Roadmap

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

A research roadmap, based on data and input from experts across the offshore oil and gas industries, was developed to help prioritize R&D investments to improve offshore health, safety, environmental performance. The final report focuses on the Gulf of Mexico, while incorporating applicable findings and research from all offshore regions where oil and gas is produced.

The roadmap report is comprehensive, utilizing publications, subject matter experts, documents from the Offshore Energy Safety Institute (OESI) including “Ocean Energy Safety Research Roadmap for the 21st Century Forum for Dialogue” and the “Portfolio of Ocean Energy Safety Research Efforts.” Other documents include the 2018 The Research Partnership for a Secure Energy America (RPSEA) “R&D Plan”, a 2018 Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and Gulf Research Program (GRP) ‘Safer Offshore Energy System Summit.’; in addition, the report utilizes SPE, SEG and IADC papers, and published summaries from other safety workshops and meetings. The SME’s submitted recommendations concerning broad topics, with several sub topics including; Drilling, Operations, Production, Transportation and Spills. The report recommendations include the need, value and, in some cases estimated level of effort for different safety areas. Areas covered include prevention, response and mitigation as well as needed advancements in information systems, internet security, data sharing, prediction and early detection.

The Technology Road Map, developed in this effort, offers a unique opportunity to guide the applications of advanced technologies. These new technology applications will continue the significant progress of current safety and environmental management systems and procedures. The Safety Research Roadmap, developed in cooperation with regulators, service providers and researchers, addresses an important need to identify and prioritize limited research investments. This report provides opportunities for cooperation and leveraging of funding and resources.

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