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A Soft Transformation Approach to Career Success -- Interview with Dr. Behrooz Fattahi

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A discussion of the growth and augmentation of work experience (time effect), the career socio-economic, cultural and regional impact (place effect), relates achieving career success to that of progression in human capabilities (people effect). Success can be measured in many different ways, and by a variety of criteria such as educational achievement, wealth, private lifestyle, family and marriage, career achievement, etc. But whether there is an absolute and universal definition or benchmark for success, soft competencies have emerged as universally accepted essential ingredients for achieving success in many aspects of our private and professional lives. The discussion will include clear evidence on how national and international professional societies, government organizations, and universities worldwide are rushing to include soft competencies in their programs to produce a new generation of work force that can achieve rapid career success in the new competitive and demanding workplace environment.

Tune in to this 30-minute interview to gain insight into this industry expert’s personal views and professional experiences on how soft competencies play a significant role in the new work place environment.

Interview with: Dr. Behrooz Fattahi, AIME/SPE Honorary Member, President, The EnerTrain Institute, 2014 President, American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME), and 2010 President, Society of Petroleum Engineers International (SPE)

Interviewed by: Mike Mason, Business Management and Leadership Committee

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Dr. Behrooz Fattai