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Assessing Well Integrity Risk: A Qualitative Model

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

For successful delivery of Well Integrity, there needs to be an understanding of the risks that can cause undesirable events such as safety hazards or loss of containment. Performing a risk assessment on a well, or type of well, will help determine and rank the potential risks and provide information that allows limited resources to be applied in the most effective manner. The main objectives of performing a risk assessment include:

Follow a formal process to assess risk consistently and to enable comparison between well barrier failure mode scenarios;
Qualitatively assess well barrier failure risk for every segment of a well;
Document suggestions that are offered by the risk assessment team for mitigating well barrier failure risk; and
Provide a report of the methodology, failure mode scenarios, risk ranking, and potential mitigation actions for use as a reference tool for managing well integrity on a routine basis.
Attend this webinar to gain additional insights into these risks and the Well Integrity Risk Assessment Model.

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