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Attracting Perfect Customers for Achieving Your Goals

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

In this webinar the speaker will teach the audience a method to attract the “perfect-fit” customers that will help them to achieve their goals. None of us can achieve our goals alone. If we think about something that we have achieved recently, we will have to admit that there was at least a key person that was instrumental in that win. Rather than leaving it to chance, the speaker will teach us how to align with those people that will help us achieve our goals, in an strategic way.

The concept of “customers” is stretched to those who help us achieve our goals in any way, including employers, bosses, colleagues, providers, business partners, etc. It goes beyond the customer who writes a check for our company’s products. Traditional Marketing is based on catering to our customer’s needs. In this “attraction” method we will learn how to decide what we want our customers to expect of us. It is a method that empowers us and puts us in charge. In turn, it demands accountability. When we decide what we want our perfect customers to expect of us, there is no more space for excuses or complaints. We are committing to deliver only what we have chosen to deliver. This is a much more effective way to achieve our goals, because our perfect customers want, what we want to deliver. In that space, “push” and “pull” are equal, effectiveness increases and the sales cycle decreases.

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Marinma Dorado