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Community Health and Wellbeing: a Pillar of Responsible and Sustainable Projects

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

This webinar consists of four sections:

#1 – Introduction of the issue of community health and its determinants.

#2 – Case Study 1 – In the recent years, IOGP Companies mission are focusing not only on energy but also on a possible role in sustainable development of partner countries recognizing, in the general objective of the socio-economic development, the promotion of social/health welfare as an essential requirement. In this regard, a HIA (or ESHIA) could provide the opportunity to widen the situation analysis beyond the Industrial area of influence, and impacts mitigation purposes, converging on Public Social/Health needs of a given population in their wider administrative and/or territorial context. Therefore, the results of HIA could easily provide “food for thoughts” and the opportunity of integrating mitigation plans with wider and comprehensive Community Health initiatives, for instance, in a District or Province. Eni, based on its best practices, will present their internal process for identifying and managing health impacts as part of their ESHIA system and will illustrate its possible advantages and experience of this approach.

#3 – Case Study 2 – Public health at BP integrates occupational and community health initiatives to enhance the wellbeing of its workforce, their families and the communities where BP operates and lives through collaborative, sustainable programs aimed at: facilitating access to care; building capacity and capability; communicating risk and promoting responsible science. BP will present a case study developing a public health strategy for BP business in Angola. It will provide an overview of the community investment strategy in Angola with a focus on framework used to enhance interface and provide synergies between different sectors (private, public, third sector) in regards to public health initiatives and social performance agendas to reduce duplication of efforts and maximise benefits.

#4 – Panel Discussion. All content contained within this webinar is copyrighted by Yina Xiao, Delya Sommerville and Joyce Jose and its use and/or reproduction outside the portal requires express permission from Yina Xiao, Delya Sommerville and Joyce Jose.

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Earn credits by completing this course0.15 CEU credit1.5 PDH credits


Delya Sommerville
Joyce Jose
Yina Xiao