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Covid19 & Operational Safety – Life At The Sharp End

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged companies to revisit their business priorities and pushed their limits to address prevention of infection spread in the workplace. Inevitably, it also has pressed the entire business world to preserve business continuity and ensure that other safety risks were not overlooked and were managed effectively.

Game-changing insights from the global pandemic further influenced and shaped the new normal of operations management intertwined with pandemic risk factors, especially with the continued need for social distancing and increased pressures to adopt innovative operational and safety practices.

Moreover, the global pandemic impact has also uncovered the scale of concerns in health and safety, which significantly exposed several weaknesses of businesses, in turn highlighting the importance of being agile, resilient, and formidable leaders. Furthermore, these circumstances provided the business world at large with the need to be nimbler, embrace and adopt novel thinking and most importantly to learn from each other and foster rapid strategies for effective response to these pandemic challenges.

As the world progresses into the future while battling the pandemic, the new business operating environment continues to evolve, therefore dictating different and more innovative approaches on how to transform and sustain operations and safety success, while envisaging drawbacks and opportunities within internal value chains as well as across the global supply chain. The industry faces challenges to its renewed aspiration to show “care” of employees which is constantly in tension with operations imperatives which unavoidably put these “cared for” employees in vulnerable situations that put them at-risk. Is it even possible to “walk the talk” in such a complex context? This panel, consisting of senior safety and operations leaders, is devoted to shedding light and providing conference participants with significant practical insights and advice on the latest strategies, tactics and best practices that should help industry executives and managers to further foster sustainable business practices, enhance their operations efficiency and curb the spread of infection, as well as shape the new ways of working in the post-Covid world.

A fundamental understanding that people are not the problem, but instead the solution, through their inventive capacity, underpins this session. Focusing on what influences people, and how to embed the ability to design safer work so people can work safely, particularly in the context of Covid, has a ground-breaking impact on safety performance as well as business efficiency. All content contained within this webinar is copyrighted by Annamaria Petrone, Dr. Chokri Benamor, Kirsty Walker and Obaid Al Kamali and its use and/or reproduction outside the portal requires express permission from Annamaria Petrone, Dr. Chokri Benamor, Kirsty Walker and Obaid Al Kamali.

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