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Effect of Fluid Over Pump on the Reciprocation Sucker Rod System Performance

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

The application of the reciprocating pumping system growing steadily, with the improvement in the system technology, allows the application envelop of this system to open. Therefore, the need for better understanding the system performance is heavily required. Where predicting the dynamic responses and loads are critical, it is important to determine the operating situation and total system performance and output.

Usually the perception of reducing the fluid level over the pump will result in maximize well production and system overall efficiency. This not always true, in several cases increasing fluid over the pump lead to more production, improving subsurface pump volumetric efficiency and improving system efficiency.

The presentation will show results of a study investigating the effects of fluid level over pump, pump size, and pump setting depth on the sucker rod system performance. All content contained within this webinar is copyrighted by Dr. Mohamed Ghareeb and its use and/or reproduction outside the portal requires express permission from Dr. Mohamed Ghareeb.


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Dr. Mohamed Ghareeb