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Effect of Soaking on Shale Gas Well Performance

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

During the fracturing treatment, a large volume of water is pumped with proppants into the well. Following the treatment, the well flows back. Only a small fraction of the injected water can be recovered. Over 75% of the injected volume, usually left unrecovered at the start of production that causes permeability damage and productivity impairment. Recently, in some shale formations, some operators have observed improved well performance after an extended shut-in period following the initial flow-back of a well that is called the soaking process. Contradict results were observed in the literature for the effect of the soaking process in the tight sand and shale gas formation through experimental and numerical simulation.

This webinar presents field cases from different shale formations to investigate the effect of the soaking process on the well performance. Rate transient analysis (RTA) and decline curve analysis (DCA) were conducted on the production data before and after the soaking process to evaluate the change in the stimulated reservoir area (AC) and ultimate gas and water recovery (EURg, and EURw). An experimental study was conducted to investigate the change in the gas relative permeability and the water saturation distribution in the formation with the soaking process.

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Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim
Dr. Salaheldin Elkatatny