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Human Factors in Automation

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

Why include human factors engineering in the design of automated rigs? On the surface it seems like a reasonable question. Why would we need to consider the needs of human operators if they are to be replaced by drilling systems automation technology. Ms. DiFiore will review the introduction of automation to other safety-critical industries and demonstrate that humans are never fully taken out of the operational loop; rather their roles and tasks are redefined, sometimes requiring different personnel altogether. Anticipating the changing roles of personnel during the evolution of an automated system as well as ensuring that their operational requirements are met through user-centered design is an integral part of adopting a successful automated system. Ms. DiFiore will conclude with a review of relevant human systems integration practices that will steer the industry to awareness of the human elements that must be addressed to successfully realize drilling systems automation.

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Amanda DiFiore