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Human Factors in Drilling: Are there practical tools for use at the wellsite?

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

Research sponsored by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers and others has suggested that creating a sense of ‘chronic unease’ in relation to barrier integrity and operation of safety-critical systems, combined with understanding of the psychological issues that create error-producing conditions, will strengthen defenses against major accidents occurring. The question remains as to the best way to embed the necessary skills through teaching, coaching, and assessment and their integration into routine working practices. Experience from aviation suggests that successful implementation of non-technical skills needs to be combined with a clearly defined operational framework. Such an operational framework, however, is not widely observed in the drilling community at present.

Threat and Error Management is an integral part of current aviation-based Crew Resource Management and has helped deliver the levels of safety that today we accept as normal. The webinar will make the case for introducing a similar approach in drilling operations, but by enhancing existing practices rather than through a wholesale new initiative. The webinar will illustrate how these concepts might be used in drilling operations to enhance routine risk management activities. It is hoped that active use of these methods in every-day drilling operations will help to instill a sense of chronic unease and concern for barrier integrity, thereby reducing the chance of minor anomalies cascading into major accidental events.

The purpose of the webinar is to present the concept of Threat and Error Management to the audience, to engage with them and to seek their feedback as to whether this approach is viable in today’s operational climate. If not, then what?

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Dr. John L. Thorogood