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Impact in cost of Deepwater development drives different strategies for managing flow assurance

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Course Credit: 0.1 CEU, 1 PDH

New development for oil and gas production will increase in complexity: DeepWaters and Long Tie-Backs imposes a review of actual strategies to manage flow assurance issues.

The knowledge acquired from many year of multiple sources research and development must be used at the best today in order to face the new economic reality. Together with the integration of disciplines it is possible to have a more holistic view for field developments and consider new architecture for field developments and operation strategies, face to the future.

Managing hydrates instead of preventing all probable events to form them requires good knowledge of the problem and the availability of tools to simulate with confidence the real situations in order to accept some risks. In this area, good progress had been achieved.

For other areas such as wax deposits, the level of developments and reliability of predictive tools has not reach the same maturity. Prevention is still a dominant strategy with remediation based on predictive tools, lacking for validations. More efforts are required in understanding and describing the real field behavior in order to optimize field architectures and operations and specially to prevent wax coming the flow assurance killing factor in future developments.

During this seminar, we will share some TOTAL’s views and business cases to demonstrate the impact future oil and gas field’s developments.

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Mayela Rivero