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Importance of Characterizing Uncertainties in Multiphase Flow Predictions

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Course Credit: 0.1 CEU, 1 PDH

Confidence in multiphase flow predictions can influence key decisions on design, location, and operations of pipeline and associated facilities. These decisions in turn can profoundly affect system reliability, operability, safety, and overall project economics. To the extent possible, multiphase predictions and recommendations need to be supported by quantitative assessments of uncertainty and level of confidence. Most of industry’s limited resources for funding research typically result in slight incremental improvements of flow predictions with little focus on quantifying the uncertainties and establishing level confidence in those predictions for field applications. An argument is made for spending more of our limited resources in characterizing uncertainties of existing models.

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  • 1Importance of Characterizing Uncertainties in Multiphase Flow Predictions - Chapter 1
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Gene Kouba