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Increasing Operational Integrity through Optimized HSE Processes & Systems Integration

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

In the midstream and upstream oil and natural gas industry, changes in equipment, personnel and processes are constant. Many of these changes involve increases or shifts in operational risks and associated exposure points. Like many exploration and production companies, Anadarko has operations around the globe, including the Americas, Africa and New Zealand. These assets, coupled with ongoing world-wide exploration, development and acquisition of assets, translate into near-constant change and risk exposure for Anadarko’s operations, personnel, business processes and systems.

Anadarko recognized the opportunity to improve operational integrity and foster more fluent continual improvement through process standardization, enablement and reinforcement through technology. Anadarko’s leadership identified six key objectives for the business, including both Environmental and Occupational Health & Personal Safety. Anadarko then established a strategic plan to realize the desired improvements to processes and solutions. One of the foundation elements of the strategy was to standardize the tools and systems on which the underlying business processes are enabled once optimized.

Anadarko selected SAP’s suite of EHS/Sustainability solutions and have since designed and implemented SAP’s EHSM-Incident Management solution globally in order to provide a key foundational piece of the Operational Risk Management strategy. The solutions enable reduction of risks associated with both planned and unplanned events by ensuring all risks were more holistically managed, and that corrective and preventative tasks were monitored and completed satisfactorily.

Anadarko has set a vision and a plan for transforming our operational risk management processes, ensuring safer and supporting continual improvement in our operations around the globe.

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Chelsea Lackey