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Is the Oil Industry Paying Enough Attention to Process Safety?

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With recent highly publicized accidents in the oil industry and the continuing concerns about its public image, process safety remains a subject of great interest in the industry.But are we doing enough? Is the Oil Industry paying too much attention to statistics on lost time injuries and, perhaps, not given enough sustained focus on process safety and thus obscuring the big picture?

This presentation outlines some case histories of major accidents. It discusses the industry efforts to develop performance indicators for process safety and ongoing efforts to promote process safety.

The similarities and differences between occupational safety and process safety are discussed.A key concept in this presentation is to demonstrate that successful management of one does not necessarily assure management of the other.Experience reminds us that the human and financial costs of major accidents in the oil industry far outweigh any saving in investments related to process safety.This is even more critical in the current low oil prices environment where companies are cutting down costs with organizational changes and restructuring.

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Hisham Saadawi