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Mindfulness — Beyond the Hype

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

In this webinar you will hear from experienced speakers debunking the myths about mindfulness being a hype and discussing the benefits to the workplace as well as individuals. The concept of Mindfulness is seen everywhere we look, on magazine covers, ads for the newest medication app, and in the health fitness centers. But is it hype or is there something behind this?

Mindfulness has ancient roots from practices that evolved from Hinduism and Buddhism. These practices have shifted from East to West and can be experienced from retreats to workplace sessions to personalized apps. But is there a real impact to mindfulness on individuals’ health or the health and productive of a company?

This discussion will provide the science behind mindfulness and research showing the impacts to the business and personal performance. Our experts will share real industry experiences with best practices that can be easily implemented anywhere. We will also have the opportunity of listening directly to the testimonial of someone who benefited from his organization’s Mindfulness program.

The audience will have the opportunity to ask the experts further questions on the topic.

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Earn credits by completing this course0.15 CEU credit1.5 PDH credits


Bruce Greenhalgh
Debbie Jeremiah
Charles Obukofe