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Multifunctional Foams for EOR

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

Oil recovery can be improved by miscibility, low inter-facial tension, wettability alteration, mobility control, and selective plugging. CO2 flooding uses miscibility; surfactant flooding employs low IFT, but hybrid techniques can be developed that combines several mechanisms. These techniques are needed in oil-wet carbonate rocks with complex pore structures and heterogeneity. In this presentation foams combining surfactants, nanoparticles, and wettability alteration will be discussed. Foam stability and wettability alteration will be quantified. Improved oil recovery in initially oil-wet carbonate core floods will be demonstrated. Implication for the field scale will be discussed.

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  • 1Multifunctional Foams for EOR - Chapter 1
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Earn credits by completing this course0.15 CEU credit1.5 PDH credits


Kishore Mohanty