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Novel Developments in Fully Automated Drilling Fluid Analysis & Hole Cleaning Management

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

This webinar will highlight recent developments in real-time automated mud measurements achieved by the UT-RAPID group at The University of Texas at Austin. It will be shown how advanced machine learning techniques can be used in the analysis and prediction of fluid rheology, fluid loss behavior, and solids control. Novel sensor techniques for the automated analysis of solids will be highlighted. These developments facilitate an almost 100% automated mud check. In addition, it will be shown that a novel automated cuttings sensor, coupled with real-time hole cleaning simulation software, may not only herald a step change in stuck pipe prevention but also allow for the automation of the hole cleaning process itself, without the need for human interaction. In the not-too-distant future, smart rigs with integrated real-time mud monitoring systems will measure, manage and optimize your muds for you, and will also clean boreholes automatically and optimally – all without human interference. All content contained within this webinar is copyrighted by Dr. Eric van Oort and its use and/or reproduction outside the portal requires express permission from Dr. Eric van Oort.

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Dr. Eric Van OortDr. Eric van Oort became Professor in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin in 2012, after a 20-year industry career with Shell Oil Company. He holds a PhD degree in Chemical Physics from the University of Amsterdam. He has (co-)authored more than 190 technical papers, holds 14 patents, is a former SPE Distinguished Lecturer, a SPE Distinguished Member, and the 2017 winner of the prestigious international SPE Drilling Engineering Award. At UT Austin, he directs drilling-related R&D in two industry consortia (RAPID and CODA) with over 25 industry company sponsors, covering drilling automation & control, sensor design, big data analytics, complex well construction challenges, and well abandonment & decommissioning. Recently, he has become involved in deep closed-loop geothermal drilling through UT’s new GEO initiative, for which he is the technical lead. In addition, he is the co-founder of 3 start-up companies, including SPYDR dedicated to drilling automation technologies, and is the CEO of his own consulting company.