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Production Optimization for Unconventional Reservoirs through Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

The optimization of production from unconventional reservoirs is a multi-component process that requires proper characterization and understanding of the reservoir properties that control flow capacity and deliverability, coupled with economic considerations for the development. Improving the performance from these complex reservoirs requires collaboration between the geoscience discipline and the reservoir and completion engineers. Many times our initial expectations for the production performance from these reservoirs is based on a type curve from an average producer in the area with little consideration for the variations in reservoir quality at any given location. This practice is popular as it requires minimal external input for the development but it limits our ability to optimize performance. In addition to this practice, many times economic drivers and perception dictate completion and production practices that can further limit our ability to optimize production from these reservoirs.

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  • 1Production Optimization for Unconventional Reservoirs through Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration - Chapter 1
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Stuart Cox