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Rig Security in the IOT World

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1 PDH

A growing trend in our industry is to move from back-office (and potentially isolated) processing to data fed analysis and decision making at the edge were the drilling bit meets the geology.

To accomplish this level of integration and data-centric automation, analytical engines have an insatiable hunger for data! With traditional workflows this data would reside in a corporate data store protected by physical and logical barriers to secure and protect it as a corporate asset.

In this new world of edge-based analytics, we need to balance this thirst for data with the need for protection of the data asset and security from digital threats.

In this webinar we will discuss several technics for connecting, converting and standardizing data for analytical use and also protecting the corporate network including considering physical and network barriers like an air gap to isolate the rig while still allowing for authorized interactivity.

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Jon Curtis