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Risk not Chance, First Responders Risk Awareness

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First responders have a unique role and perspective when dealing with safety at industrial sites. While this video is largely aimed at first responders, it’s a great way for chemical engineers to understand their role and perspective when dealing with industrial facilities. Understand what they require and why, and learn how their emergency response plan prioritizes to manage risk for them, the surrounding community, and those at the facility.

This video is part of the Risk Not Chance project, which was designed to increase risk awareness, and improve the understanding of risk and choice for first responders. The project aims to increase the understanding of how risk plays a role in our everyday lives, how it can be misunderstood and how we use it to make decisions. These videos help the end user recognize we encounter risk every day, and we mitigate this risk by introducing barriers.

Thank you to the United Engineering Foundation for supporting the creation of these videos. Without their support, these videos would have never been possible. Please visit for more information about this project and others.

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