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Surface Jet Pumps

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

With majority of oil and gas fields worldwide reaching maturity, cost effective methods are needed to maintain production and to extend the production life of wells and total recovery from fields.

EOR (enhanced oil recovery) and IOR(improved oil recovery) techniques are effective in extending the life of mature oil and gas fields; however, there are also other highly cost effective solutions which may be adopted to enhance production, with or without the use of EOR and IOR techniques. There are also artificial lift (AL) solutions for revival of liquid loaded wells. This webinar focuses on the use of surface jet pumps (educators) in the oil and gas industry. The main applications include; Revival of low pressure oil and gas wells, preventing flaring or venting low pressure gas, replacing intermediate compressors with jet pumps, de-bottlenecking compressors, and preventing high pressure wells to impose back pressure on LP wells.

The webinar covers the following topics; Challenges facing mature oil and gas fields, description of surface jet pump (SJP) and how it works, recent examples of various applications of SJPs in oil and gas production, best locations for SJPs onshore and offshore, guideline for selection of best candidate wells, operation issues, economics and benefits of the system.

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Sacha Sarshar