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Transitioning CO2 EOR to CO2 storage

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

The CO2 Capture Project, consisting of BP, Chevron, Petrobras, and Suncor in 2016, with the assistance of consultants from ERM, completed a study on the transitioning of EOR projects to CO2 storage. The study’s objective was to understand regulatory frameworks in the context of CO2 EOR and how EOR operations could later transition to CO2 storage. Conclusions of the research were as follows:

There is a clear regulatory framework for CO2 EOR and for CCS in most regions but there are insufficient provisions to allow a CO2 EOR operator to follow a clear transition pathway for legal and regulatory approval of a CO2 EOR project to be a CCS project.
CO2 EOR projects present a special case with particular circumstances for long-term underground CO2 storage and provisions unique to this special case may be required.
Specific guidance or regulation should be provided setting out the specific requirements for new and existing CO2 EOR projects which may wish to transition to CCS.
A clear pathway for legal and regulatory approval of CO2 EOR to become CCS could be elusive until regulatory and legal gaps that have been identified are resolved.
Given the relatively high costs of CCS today, coupling CCS with CO2 EOR could provide a critical financial incentive to facilitate development of CCS projects in the near term.

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