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Vertical Multiphase Flow Modeling In Wells And Risers

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Course Credit: 0.1 CEU, 1 PDH

Accurate models for multiphase flows in vertical pipes are needed for the design and operation of hydrocarbon production systems. Examples of important application areas are:

• Predicting the time-of-death of gas wells.
• Predicting the correct flow rate in liquid-dominated production systems, especially for deep water risers.

In this presentation we show how vertical multiphase flow can be modeled using a 1D approach. Specifically, we explain what kind of assumptions are needed, and which physical mechanisms require closure laws. Furthermore, we show some recent experimental work conducted at industrial conditions, aimed at deriving more accurate models, and we provide some examples of how the certain closure laws have been deduced from this new data. Finally, we assemble the new closures into a unified model, and compare the predicted pressure drop and liquid content with measured values for a large experimental database on vertical flow. We also test the new model against measurements made in a 3600 meters deep gas well, where we are able to match the measured onset of liquid loading.

The aim of the presentation is to show that vertical multiphase flow, which is known to have some very complex features, can be modelled well with 1D methods, using relatively simple assumptions.

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Dr. Jorn Kjolaas
Dr. Neeraj Zambare