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Water Hammer in Upstream Production

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Course Credit: 0.1 CEU, 1 PDH

When a fluid in motion is suddenly stopped, a pressure surge wave is generated which propagates back through the fluid. This effect is commonly referred to as ‘water hammer’.

This presentation gives an overview of water hammer in Upstream Production. The Joukowsky Equation for pressure surge is derived analytically from first principles for inelastic pipe, and the impact of slow valve closure and frictional effects is considered. Joukowsky is then modified to account for pipe elasticity, again from first principles. The equation is modified still further to account for the presence of small amounts of gas in the liquid. Finally, an analytic estimate of condensation-induced water hammer – the most severe form of water hammer – is given

The main point of the presentation is that a great deal of analysis of water hammer can be done using simple pencil-and-paper methods.

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Dr. Thomas Danielson