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Whose Data is It Anyway?

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Course Credit: 0.1 CEU, 1 PDH

For the past ten years, as the technology to collect, share and analyze huge amounts of data expands across various industries, leaders in the upstream oil and gas industry have called for workable data solutions for their specific needs. Executives in the drilling industry deal with multiple stakeholders in the form of operators, rig owners, service companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), standards organizations and government regulators, each with their own needs and agenda. The data itself is collected from a dizzying array of machines, control systems and sensors, using multiple versions of multiple standards. From our perspective, there are three main issues in this space:

• Data ownership: How do we determine who ‘owns’ the data?
• Data Sharing: How, technologically, can the data be collected, standardized, and shared?
• Data Control: Having accomplished the first two, how do we control access to the collected data?

This Webinar will discuss the above points.

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Andrew Bruce