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Your Data…Streamlined. Faster. Easier. Trusted... And With Less Turbulence.

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

Everyone has heard of WITSML; nowadays it is practically ubiquitous for transferring well-bore and drilling-related data from an offshore well to onshore real-time monitoring centres. But did you know that WITSML has recently been revised to offer significant new capabilities? Most importantly, the latest version of WITSML is built on a common technical architecture that allows data from production-related information as well as earth-model information (handled by PRODML and RESQML respectively) to be consumed as part of an overall spectrum of data objects covering the entire development workflow – thus opening up a breadth of integrated information never before possible, and allowing activities such as real-time adaptation of drilling plans versus an earth model in order to optimize well placement in the reservoir. The standards also include data assurance objects to increase confidence in the underlying quality of the data, as well as audit trail capabilities to keep track of changes to key data.

But that’s not all. The latest coordinated release of the Energistics standards also includes an update to the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP), which has been proven to deliver data at least 10x faster from data source to destination. In the words of one major oil company, the data transfer is now so performant and streamlined that it is like being on the rig watching the operation in real time, to the extent that they can reduce the need for key staff to go offshore.

Join Ross Philo (CEO of Energistics) and Jay Hollingsworth (CTO) as they present an overview of these new capabilities and the impact they will have in delivering critical well-related information in a trusted format more quickly, and more comprehensively, than ever before. Learn how standards help save time and costs, open up the competitive landscape, and are the key to innovation and digital transformation.

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Jay Hollingsworth
Ross Philo