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Creating a Holistic Approach to Effective Zonal Isolation

Developing a holistic approach to long-term oil and gas well zonal isolation requires a close working relationship with customers to understand their specific challenges and engineering creative solutions to solve them. For example, an effective spacer system enhances effective mud removal. But the same system also can strengthen the wellbore to enable operators to place fluids covering critical zones of interest while mitigating mud losses. Most industry engineers are aware of the risks associated with fluid migration that can result in poor zonal isolation or annular pressure that, in the worst case, can threaten the well. The challenges associated with fluid migration require a customized, fit-for-purpose solution to prevent the problem so a cure doesn’t have to be considered. A novel system has been applied successfully in more than 600 wells in the northeast U.S. and will be discussed. Finally, the best technology can fail if execution is compromised by issues related to equipment readiness and personnel competency. Proper training and development is critical to a successful zonal isolation effort.

Moderator: David Gibson
Speaker: Deepak Khatri

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