• Design of Carbon Capture and Sequestration CCS Wells  

    This paper presentation shares a methodology for the design of wells in carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects. In addition to CO2 injection wells, CCS wells include observation or monitoring wells, as well as utility wells, which are used to reduce pressure by removing formation water. CCS projects require a different approach to well design, which are illustrated through several example well designs.  

    For CCS wells, the design should start with the completion size required to achieve the desired CO2 injection rate, and progress outwards. Dual containment is essential, and all CCS wells–including injection, monitoring, and utility wells–must be designed for potential CO2 exposure. Cement integrity is essential to prevent undetected migration of stored CO2 from storage zones. It is also necessary to have pre-prepared contingency plans to detect, shut-in, kill, repair, and/or P&A failed wells. 

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    This presentation is from the 2022 IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition.   

    • Paper Number: SPE-208738-MS  
    • Published: 1 March 2022  
    • Authors: Ismail Ceyhan; Nicolas Pilisi; P. V. Suryanarayana; Ravi M. Krishnamurthy 

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  • Design of Carbon Capture and Sequestration CCS Wells  

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