• Drones Unlocked: The Social Horizon for Oil and Gas

    In the current uncertainty, people are losing trust in dialogue, and increasingly turning to hard bargaining and protests. The increasing use of drone technology can contribute to this negative shift in attitudes around oil and gas installations. At the same time, this technology offers a unique opportunity for engagement.

    The Social Impact Asset Management (SIAM) project is a concession area drone and human data collection platform. It is a way to present easily understood evidence for joint decision-making. By also facilitating the management of regulatory requirements and planning, it creates much-needed scalability in drone use.

    The angle taken in this presentation taps into work done for safety and rescue services in the UK, and impact assessment for the United Nations. It revolves around how to deal with the two challenges to the use of drones in sustainability: scaling up, and social acceptance. It maps the way in which stakeholder engagement will benefit, and how drones can be unleashed for the benefit of local populations and industry.

    Our archived 2020-21 event content is now available free to SPE members! This presentation is from the 2020 SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability.

    • Paper Number: SPE-199377-MS
    • Published: 20 July 2020
    • Authors: Emery Brusset; Phillip Griffin; Callum Holland

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  • Drones Unlocked: The Social Horizon for Oil and Gas