• Event Package: Machine Learning for Drilling

    Explore this special collection of presentations from the 2020 SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference (audio translated to English), 2021 SPE Virtual Annual Caspian Technical Conference, and 2020 SPE Virtual Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference. Learn from case studies on utilizing machine learning in drilling operations, including real-time prediction techniques, stuck pipe prevention, and geosteering while drilling.

    Our archived 2020-21 event content is now available free to SPE members! 

    Table of Contents:

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    Video Time Stamp Presentation Title / Paper Number
    0:20 Real-time Prediction for Sonic Slowness Logs from Surface Drilling Data Using Machine Learning Techniques (OnePetro: SPE-207000-MS)
    15:44 Geosteering based on Integration of LWD and Surface Logging Using Machine Learning (OnePetro: SPE-201945-MS)
    23:36 Automated Geosteering while Drilling Using Machine Learning. Case Studies (OnePetro: SPE-202046-MS) (narrated by translator)
    43:08 Data Boosted Stuck Pipe Prevention: Integrating Machine Learning Models into the Mud Plan Design Workflow (OnePetro: SPE-198972-MS)


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  • Event Package: Machine Learning for Drilling