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SPE Live: Gaia Talk - Get Informed, Get Connected, Lead: Aboriginal Wisdom

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to tap into 100,000 years of generational wisdom and profound insights from the longest-standing continuous culture applied to the challenges we face at the front line of the oil and gas industry, delivered by an aboriginal tribal elder who’s also the Lead Partner at Deloitte: Integrity! This is the 3rd installment in our Gaia Talks series on Natural Capital and Regeneration focused on Indigenous Wisdom.

In this discussion, we explore a unique perspective on our role with respect to each other, and with respect to the ecosystems, we’re so dependent upon. When faced with the immense challenges of delivering our base O&G business-critical for energy security, charting a path to net-zero, reducing our negative impact on our ecosystems, and trying to create positive regenerative impacts, it can all seem overwhelming.

This session is meant to help you avoid freezing in the face of these challenges, rather give you a feeling of empowerment, a sense of agency, and provide insights into immediate actions that you can take to begin moving yourself and our industry toward a better balance with nature without undermining our business.

Guest: Professor Deen Sanders

Moderated by: Josh Etkind

Held on Wednesday, 3 August 2022 | 2000-2030 hours CT (UTC -5)