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How to Leverage your Skillsets to Excel in the Future of Energy?

Be it the discussion for climate change or alternate energy sources, the discussion and actions on Energy Transition has never been larger and broader as it is today. While the major O&G companies have already started their own divisions of Clean Energy Businesses, there’s a major topic that is concerning one of the major stakeholders in this transition i.e. “workforce” of the future energy industry. In this SPE Live, we will have Energy Industry experts from conventional O&G businesses, New Energy Businesses and Technology companies talking about skills and expertise that would help make the Energy transition possible. Cross-Industry experts will share insights into the role the skills acquired in the conventional O&G industry will play in the future of the energy industry. The panel would discuss the transferable skills, new skills to consider and technical expertise valuable for existing energy industry professionals. Special thanks to SPE’s Business Management and Leadership Committee for organizing this SPE Live!

Guest Speakers:
• Ann Davies, COO, Lightsource BP
• Frederick Majkut, Marketing and Strategy Director, Schlumberger
• Bill Barna, Enterprise Architect, Google

The conversation will be moderated by
Abhijeet Anand, People Development & Engagement Manager, Schlumberger.