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HSE in Africa – What is the New Normal in Oil and Gas?

Covid-19 arrived and changed everything. We’ve used words such as pivot to express rapid change, and have coined phrases such as “The New Normal” to explain the unfamiliar. More than 12 months later, we find ourselves navigating and trying to understand the impact the pandemic has had and will have. In this SPE Live, we’ll look at HSE in the oil and gas industry in Africa, focusing on how organizations have adapted and implemented change, in both field and general operations. We’ll also address the importance of mental health awareness and advocacy, discussing what has been done in the region and what more can be done. The discussion will attempt to define what “The New Normal” could look like for the industry in Africa. Join us for an insightful conversation in response to the most recent HSE Workshop – it’s a conversation not to be missed!

Guest Speakers include:
Oghogho Effiom, Shell Nigeria E&P
Uche Okorocha, Stripes Health Services Limited

This SPE Live will be moderated by
Blessing Ejiro Inubiwon, Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited.