• Keys to Success — Asking the Right Questions

    Inexperienced people may struggle with how to approach potential mentors and sponsors.

    In this SPE Live, Maria Angela Capello and Eve Sprunt explores appropriate questions to ask mentors and potential sponsors with two leaders in energy with vast experience in different cultural settings – Ulrike von Lonski; Luis Pacheco,

    Ulrike Von Lonski, Chief Operating Officer, World Petroleum Council
    Luis Pacheco, Fellow, at the Baker Institute, Center for Energy Studies
    Maria Angela Capello, Chair, SPE Business Management & Leadership Committee
    Eve Sprunt, Thought Leader, Eve Sprunt & Associates


    Special edition of SPE Live –Mentoring and Sponsoring – Keys to Success
    In this special program, we wanted to address what are some of the factors for successfully progressing your career. In this case the role and importance of Mentoring and Sponsoring. These soft skills are important for any graduate student and young professional – within the energy industry, and in fact any chosen career path.
    The inspiration behind this series comes from Maria Angela Capello and Eve Sprunt.
    Understanding the need behind successful mentoring and sponsoring, Maria Angela and Eve brought together an eclectic, diverse group of expert voices from as far afield as Executive Coaching, the Arts, Academia, the Petroleum Industry and Big Tech.

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