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Methane Emissions Management for Operations

The Global Methane Emissions Pledges made at COP 26 are ambitious and have focused management’s attention on actionable items that will have a significant near-term impact in reducing methane emissions from operations. To support this, SPE has set up a new SPE Connect discussion group to address Methane Emissions Measurement, Reporting, and Abatement (MEMRA). This session will provide a synopsis of existing SPE initiatives and links to useful resources. The leader of the Gaia Measuring What Matters Work Group (David Shackleton) the status and plans with the Technical Director of Production & Facilities (Bob Pearson) moderated by Josh Etkind, the Chair of the Sustainable Development Technical Section and the SPE Gaia Sustainability Program.

Additional Resources Climate Series: Methane Global Methane Pledge: Who Ya Gonna Call? Thoughts about Waste Avoidance, Emissions Reduction, & Transitioning New Technologies for Flaring Elimination & Methane Emissions Measurement