• Science vs The Art of Gas Lift - Kenneth Decker

    The gas lift design technique is the result of empirical evidence gathered at the wellhead. Because the design technique is generally successful it is believed the theories of valve performance are also correct. Flow testing of gas lift valves has provided more accurate performance models but those models have not been incorporated into the design technique.

    The annulus gas balance concept will be introduced and used to explain how tested valve performance models can be used to perform analysis on gas lift wells. Data collected from an unconventional well be analyzed and compared to traditional analysis methods.

    Standard practice for gas lift was developed decades ago without the benefit of modern tools and test data. We now have the tools and data to perform more accurate design and analysis. We should begin to change ‘standard practice’ to reflect our new understanding of how gas lift works.

    This presentation is from the Distinguished Lecturer 2020-21 season.

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  • Science vs The Art of Gas Lift - Kenneth Decker