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SPE Gaia Talks: Measuring What Matters

The panel addresses sustainability in the oil and gas industry using the lens of “Measuring what Matters”. Notwithstanding current global socio-economic conditions, oil and gas is being held to account on its environmental, social and governance performance against a backdrop of climate change and of biodiversity depletion. Current sustainability measurement efforts by the industry are largely carried out to satisfy external stakeholders and even then, very imperfectly to the detriment of the public, policymakers, investors and the industry itself. This panel discussion will look at how better to serve these communities and in particular the internal stakeholders – the business decision-makers in business administration, operations, R&D and commercial roles – so that they and their business can better enable development that is truly sustainable. Our expert panel discusses the significant steps toward fit-for-decision data for both internal and external stakeholders.   PANELISTS: • Pavan Sukhdev, CEO GIST Advisory • Antoine Halff, Co-founder & Chief Analyst, Kayrros • Poppy Kalesi, Global Energy Director, Environmental Defense Fund • Vanessa Miler-Fels – Director of Energy Innovation and Impact, Microsoft MODERATOR: Tatiana Mitrova – Director of Energy Center, Moscow School of Management