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SPE Live: A New Era of Production Optimization

Optimization of producing oil and gas wells has always been important for managing operating expenses and continues to be an important part of production management. Production surveillance and inflow and outflow flow assurance remain key technology areas. As our industry increasingly focuses on the climate impacts of our operations, there is a growing emphasis on optimizing emissions from our operations and on the usage of water. New areas of energy development such as carbon capture and storage, geothermal energy, and subsurface energy storage are built upon skills developed from years of oil and gas production. Digitalization has become an integral part of our ways of working.

This SPE Live focuses on production optimization of producing oil and gas wells, and explores use of similar techniques and skills for new energy applications. Experts address both the status of golden oldies such as flow assurance and artificial lift, and the impact of developments in digitalization and sustainability. The panel also previews the upcoming SPE Workshop on Production Optimisation in Oil and Gas Assets, to be held 23–24 January 2024 in Vienna, Austria.


Moderated by Kees Veeken, Principal Consultant, Mature Gas Well Technology

Held on Monday, November 13, 2023

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