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SPE Live at ATCE: Learning From Accidents or Learning Before Accidents

As an industry, we continually learn from operational upsets and incidents. Over time, we’ve become better and safer. The better we are, the fewer problems we have to learn from. But the lack of accidents is not a good indicator of how safe we actually are. Typically, we think that if a task is completed without an accident, it is a success. Only a very small percentage of all activities result in failure, and the vast majority are completed without any issues. Does it mean however, that all the activities that didn’t result in an accident were executed flawlessly? Rarely do we pay attention to how the activities were completed, what challenges were encountered, and if the seeds of a future incident were evident. The high-risk industries observe a shift in focus, with more emphasis put on learning before accidents happen. In this SPE Live, Sue Staley and Norman Ritchie will talk about transitioning to learning before accidents occur.

Guest: Norman Ritchie, Director at vPSI Group, LLC
Moderated by: Sue Staley, SPE HSES Technical Director

Held on Tuesday, October 04, 2022 | 12:00:PM – 12:30:PM CT