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SPE Live Pre-ATCE: How to Drill Reservoir Sections that Drive Life Cycle Value

Reservoir well sections are critical to the value proposition of wells. The drilled and completed form of wells have a significant impact on their operating cost and production, and thus is a direct driver of life cycle value. The challenge for the industry is to articulate and improve the value delivered by drilling and completion teams. Tortuosity means one thing to a driller, another to a completions engineer, and yet another to the production operations personnel. Can these different meanings be reconciled? A focus on well reservoir sections brings together many different and often siloed parties, what techniques will it take to have these disparate groups pull together for common value? There is a sense in the industry that the production-related opportunities from improved wellbore sections in the reservoir are large and yet not attained. How large is this prize? Additionally, new technologies can support additional well value, especially in congested brown fields and tight reservoirs. What are they and what value can they bring?

Speakers: John Hudson, Shell Ross Lowdon, Schlumberger
Moderated by: David Gibson

Held on Monday, 19 September 2022 | 0900 – 0930 AM CT