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SPE Live Pre-ATCE Series: Vision of Production & Facilities in the Upcoming Decade of Change (2025-35)

Hear from members of the SPE Production & Facilities Advisory Committee about the status of a two-phase project to identify critical needs within these disciplines in the decade ahead. The global energy industry is entering a period of substantial change driven by technology, environmental policy, market demand forces, and stakeholder sentiments. In 2022, this committee established a work group to better understand and discuss professionals’ future needs within the Production & Operations and Projects, Facilities & Construction disciplines. The objective of this 30-month effort was to envision Production & Facilities operations and challenges from 2025-35 and provide a documented roadmap for its current and incoming technical directors.

  • Phase 1 defined four major impacts. The findings were presented and discussed at ATCE 2021.
  • Phase 2 looks at the regional impacts. These finding will be presented during ATCE 2022.

As a final step, the group discusses possible courses of action by the major stakeholders namely:

  • Hosting governments
  • Operating Companies
  • Engineering, procurement, construction, and equipment providers
  • Providers of oilfield services
  • RD&D organizations and entrepreneurs
  • Academia, continuing education, and training providers
  • SPE staff, committees, sections, and members.

Moderated by: Bob Pearson Speakers: Amir AlWazzan and Mark Wolf Held on Monday, 8 August 2022 | 0900-0930 hours CT (UTC -5)