• SPE Live Remix: Young Professionals Making a Difference

    Watch best-of moments from SPE Live this year featuring three episodes with young energy influencers and entrepreneurs. In the first part, young professionals share the meaning and impact of being a leader and how to develop leadership skills. In the second part, entrepreneurs share their strategies before venturing out, their priorities while transitioning, and their journey before the business was on a roll. And, in the last part, we talk to energy influencers with years of experience championing new technologies to improve field management through developing and mentoring others.

    Watch this SPE Live Remix and the three full episodes on SPE Energy Stream:
    Young Leaders Who Are Making An Impact in Our Industry
    Entrepreneurs of the Energy Industry
    Energy Influencers in Subsurface Engineering


    Held on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 | 09:00:AM – 09:30:AM CT

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