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SPE Live's 100th Episode Celebration: 100 Days of 2021 Energy — What's Next

Join the celebration for the first 100 episodes of SPE Live. It’s more than just SPE toasting 100 episodes: the year 2021 recently turned 100 days old. We’ll discuss the first 100 days of the year and explore what we can expect next, in the world of energy. How is Texas responding to fluctuating oil prices?

// What lies ahead for future US environmental and energy policy?
// Where are we within the energy transition and is enough being done?
// There will be no one-size-fits-all approach to decarbonization – so what does that mean for the oil and gas industry?
// What other energy news awaits us in 2021?


Confirmed Guests include:
Christi Craddick, Chairman, Railroad Commission of Texas
Richard Newell, President & CEO, Resources for the Future
David Reid, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, NOV Fawaz
Al Muharrami, Acting Executive Director, Masdar Clean Energy

This Special Edition SPE Live will be moderated by
Trent Jacobs, Digital Editor, JPT.