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Subsea Field Development Service for Optimal Asset Design

The approach taken to the evaluation of many options present in the field development planning phase for subsea assets is critical. Inefficiencies can extend the time required to reach a solution, which may not be the optimal solution even given a lengthy time frame, in turn lowering confidence in the decision made. Whether the project stage is exploration or appraisal, pre-FEED, or FEED, the numerous compartmentalized teams comprising the operator’s and design engineering firm’s personnel can be impeded from reaching an optimal solution by:

  • Working in a sequential manner.
  • Typically optimizing design requirements for one engineering function instead of the project as a whole.
  • Relying on generic equipment specifications that easily overlook new technologies and design options.

Hear from two experts from the integrated field development group within the OneSubsea® subsea field development service. They will share how they collaborate with operators to solve challenges in achieving a subsea project’s timeline, cost, and functionality objectives.

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