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Technological Evolution in OCTG Geothermal Projects

In this SPE Tech Talk episode, Tenaris experts will illustrate the role of tubular technologies and their evolution in more than 100 years of worldwide experience exploiting geothermal energy for power and heat generation. While the geothermal industry adapted to relatively standard well design, oil & gas well design significantly evolved, increasing the complexity of premium connections and materials used to seek optimization depending on specific geological conditions. Recent renewed interest in establishing geothermal as a secure, CO2 free energy source has driven geothermal wells towards a more complex environment. Well depths are progressively increasing targeting sedimentary formations, and well productivity has become a key feature for the economics of geothermal exploitation. Tenaris’s product portfolio has been fine tuned for complex oil & gas wells and can be applied to complex geothermal environments, optimizing well design and productivity.

Moderator: Zachary Evans
Speakers: Cameron Michaud-Simms & Paolo Novelli

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