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The Future of Petroleum Engineering and SPE - Panel Discussion

The past decade could be best described as an exciting time in the history of the oil and gas industry, and for the energy industry in general. In oil and gas, we’ve gone from great times when oil prices were high and exploration was booming, to a price crash, which, in hindsight, may have been inevitable. Despite all challenges, petroleum engineering will be needed for decades to come to provide the required energy for the world and help alleviate the challenges of climate change. It will evolve into an energy transition as it has been changing since its inception in modern history.

Please listen to the TAMU-SPE Hybrid Panel Discussion where some of the SPE International board members share insights about the future need for petroleum engineers, the job market, and what SPE will look like a few years from now. Speakers:

Moderated by: Kassem Alokla, TAMU-SPE President