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TWA Energy Influencers 2020 Roundtable

A selection of outstanding young professionals (YPs) in oil and gas whose work positively influences or inspires others join in a roundtable discussion.


Meet the panelists:
Mervin Azeta, Schlumberger Mervin is an award-winning Nigerian energy professional whose passion for sustainable development, youth engagement, and gender representation in energy industry has led her to speak at various forums, including the World Energy Council.

Andrew Coit, NOV Andrew is a multilingual drilling automation manager who serves in the Houston River Oaks Chamber Orchestra of Houston, and cofounded a Texas-based venture capital fund investing in promising startup/micro-cap companies.

Shubham Mishra, Schlumberger Shubham is a passionate animal rights activist who won acclaim from an Indian NOC, and founded PEACE—a society allied with PETA to prevent animal cruelty.

Pushpesh Sharma, Inveniam Asset Management Pushpesh is an active and self-driven energy professional who helped develop an incubator at his university to promote research and innovation.


TWA Energy Influencers 2020
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“Two key themes have underpinned the advancement of human society: innovative new technologies and an abundance of energy. The people working at the intersection of these two themes continue to shape and influence our collective future. These people are “Energy Influencers.” However, living the life of an Energy Influencer takes a lot of grit and passion. It involves keeping one’s cool in a hyper-cyclical industry, working in extreme environments, and providing data-driven counter-arguments to energy skeptics. It also involves being a responsible citizen who strives for environmental sustainability and adds value to the industry as well as society. Doing all the above, while one is still under 35, calls for special recognition. The Way Ahead—a publication of, for, and by energy young professionals—is proud to announce the “TWA Energy Influencers 2020,” who through their actions and impact, help articulate the “North Star Vision” of our industry.” -Asif Zafar, Editor-in-Chief, TWA Editorial Committee