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Unconventional Well Digital Completion Technology Best Practices

Digital completion software, sensors, controls, and best practices from operators and service companies are changing hydraulic fracturing and wireline operations on unconventional wells. Traditional approaches to opening and closing frac valves during single, zipper and simul-frac operations involve paper check lists and radio calls that can lead to human error. With digital technologies, frac fluid or wireline tools entering the well follow an electronic standard operating procedure with a digital handshake between engineers, frac valve techs and wellsite supervisors. The impact on risk reduction is significant since more than 37,000 stages have been completed without a single cut wireline, well shut-in, pressure control, or safety incident. Best practices have been developed to enhance safety and reliability, to reduce well swap times, and to increase well pumping times. The latest advancement of digital completion twin technology is allowing operators and service companies to continuously pump for 80 or more hours.

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